We offer the complete tower package

1, Taper fit towers

We can manufacture press brake folded taper fit towers

Press brake folded taper fit towers are popular for wind turbines from 1kw to 30kw

They offer a fast site assembly over bolted flanged towers.

And can be raised by either gin pole or hydraulically raised for easier servicing.


2,Rolled Flanged Towers

Impact lintels are the only independent manufacturing company of this type

Of tower in I  reland.

Rolled flanged towers are suitable for 50kw  to 250kw turbines

We are able to manufacture towers that are formed by rolling cans from plate steel up to 25mm thick and joining them together in sections so they can be bolted together up to 50m high,

These towers can be completed with all internal bracketry for cable trays, lighting, ladders and platforms.

All towers are blasted and painted to a marine spec finish.


3 Foundation cans

This important part of the structure is buried in the ground.

All bolting flanges are of cast steel machined for a perfect flat joint.


4 finishing of towers

Smaller sectional towers are usually hot dip galvanised to maximise life,

Larger rolled towers are blast cleaned and painted with a 3 coat paint system